Remote Control Photography (R.C.P) | About the work

R.C.P is an Internet based photography project, operating via the video chat program, Skype.

The project involves a variety of individuals located in different places around the world. These people – answering an open call sent by me through email and online social networks – were willing to have my camera as a guest in their private spaces. The participants, most of whom I was meeting for the first time, operated as “agents” in the “Remote Control Photography” mechanism.

The video chat acts as the meeting place between me and the “agents”, as well as the platform on which the photographs are made. According to my precise verbal instructions the “agents” are asked to move with their laptops and reveal their surroundings to me: the view out of their window, the street, the backyard and other people in that environment. They tilt, pan and rotate the webcam until I receive on my screen the frame I decide to photograph.

R.C.P is an ongoing project that has been evolving since 2010. A new series of photos named “R.C.P (Tehran Calling)” has been the focus of 2012-13. My aim has been to contact Iranians living in Teheran and to have them cooperate with me in creating a series of their own portraits situated in their living spaces. In R.C.P (Tehran calling) I use video chat technology to make visible and accessible what is perpetually filtered and concealed from me for political reasons.

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