The former Nazi Congress Hall (Kongresshalle), Nazi Party Rally Grounds, Nuremberg © Gilad Baram/Nowhere Films

Making Good Again (Wiedergutmachung) / Documentary film In development

In a highly controversial move, the infamous Nazi Party Rally Grounds in Nürnberg is set to become the new home of the city’s opera company. Local workers whose daily life is bound to the site and its destiny speak with Israeli-born filmmaker Gilad Baram against the monumental background of the decaying Nazi architecture. In candid and daring conversations, the transformation of the site becomes a reflection of a shifting zeitgeist in Germany vis-à-vis its Nazi heritage and a re-awakening national identity.

The film is currently in development and fund raising phase.
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Director / Producer / DOP – Gilad Baram
Co-writer/development – Bnaya Halperin-Kaddari
Research / Interpretation – Yelizaveta Landenberger
2nd Camera (Research filming) – Lukas Jantschek
Sound (Research filming) - Jakob Schmidt / Lennard Bein – AVS Medienservice GmbH

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