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I currently use a Dell XPS 13 from 2015 and I find that while some stuff runs fine at 60fps, if i have too many objects in the stuff I write in processing then framerates can drop right down. I also cannot screen record what I doing because it wrecks the frame rates (although I think using a hardware solution for recording my display out might be a better option anyway)

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canada goose emory parka uk Props to u/jaymeekae for the inspiration. uk canada goose outlet The Nano controller Canada Goose Outlet came in the mail today, so here my first sketch. So much fun to make, but hoping to get better at the knob turning side of things. And yeah getting better at the knob twidling is definitely a learning curve. I also agree with you about kinda wishing I got something with backlighting. canada goose emory parka uk

ebay uk canada goose I trying to figure out a way to make cut out overlays for the nanoKontrol2 that show the controls for different sketches. I have some tape labels Canada Goose Parka on mine now but each sketch I make has different variables to control so I need something I can swap on and off easily. ebay uk canada goose

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canada goose outlet in winnipeg I collected data from the London datastore and parsed the CSV file into Processing table object. This incoming data is then mapped to the rotation axis and canada goose outlet height of each box to create the abstract architectural forms. Spout just sends the visual output whereas Spout Controller lets you pull the controls directly uk canada goose in to Resolume as well. It quite finicky to set up in the code but it does work. My laptop unfortunately really isn up to running Processing sketches and Resolume at the same time. canada goose outlet in winnipeg

I also tried using Syphon on a borrowed Mac. It was easy to set up since it just sending the visual data and the control still comes via Processing.

In the end the set up we planning to use for my first VJ gig in 2 weeks is to run the Processing sketches off my laptop and then use a display out https://www.rkliedtke.de recorder to pull it on to another laptop which will be running Resolume. That way we spreading the GPU/CPU load over the two machines.

canada goose outlet in toronto The second laptop will hold some loops which canada goose we play over the top of my sketches, using Resolume to manage the layers. We can also fully display a loop while I switch between sketches on my machine. canada goose outlet in toronto

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