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canada goose black friday sale I worked for RJR when this order came through. We literally got a call one day where we were directed to make sure all store owners took the products off their shelves to be returned to us for money back.There was a deadline for all the owners and it was months and months of course most of them rubber banded all the packs they had left together and forgot about them. I must have gotten canada goose sale uk ladies over a hundred calls a year later demanding I pay them for two year old cartons of Camel Crush Bolds. I also been making a point to go up and down the stairs as many times as I can during the day instead of avoiding multiple trips. A couple times a week I put my son on my shoulders and do some lunges but I waiting on a referral for a pelvic physical therapist because I actually was kinda high and wacky on horomones after having a baby and a couple days after giving birth I was doing some squats and lunges at home and now a year later I pretty sure they tell you to canada goose outlet store toronto take it easy after having a baby for a reason The movies exaggerate a bit but. yeah diners are a thing and they very much like the movies. but dirtier. and canada goose outlet chicago there really isn anything romantic about them. I guess from a foreign perspective it would be a cultural trip but I always found my road trips across the canada goose outlet ontario middle part of America to be almost unfathomably depressing because you will meet the 45 year old waitress at the diner that due to poverty, family, and life circumstances desperately wants to not be a waitress but. that as good as it going to get for her. okay.But the kind of diner this meme refers to is more like Denny’s, Waffle House, or whatever they have in Jersey that’s equivalent. Pretty much the cheapest place you could possibly call a “sit down restaurant.” I’ve only ever been in them at 2 in the morning, half drunk and half hung over.EDIT: The term “diner” used to have (>50 years ago) a very specific meaning, in that it was a restaurant that you could literally buy out of a catalog. There were companies that specialized in this sort of thing, and there were different models, etc. They were pretty much like a modern mobile home, except they were pre furnished with kitchen equipment and seating. A lot of knowledge about the companies and models has been lost, since the market for them pretty much collapsed when modern style canada goose jacket outlet toronto franchises like McDonald’s started appearing in the late 50s. Many artists have their walls covered with custom flash that they designed themselves. canada goose factory outlet toronto location I think they can be way cooler than many designs done by the client that are more personal. Let the artist create something with your idea.For example: “I want a tattoo of this design I created. It an anchor next to a dog paw, because I sailed with my dog across the Pacific.”It has a totally awesome meaning but it doesn quite canada goose jacket outlet uk strike as a canada goose black friday 80 off visual work of art like a tattoo has the potential to be.A couple things I like canada goose uk to add that I didn see.Everyone is dirt poor.The staff flirts/fucks other staff at canada goose outlet usa some point, changing partners like square dancers.The managers are a little too touchy feely with the girls and have an over inflated sense of importance.Your friends consist of the other staff and people that come to get drunk with you and the staff every night.Your schedule never permits you to have two days off in a row.No one takes that job seriously because you get paid $2.50 an hour and you essentially have to prostitute yourself to get tips so you can afford to “live”.Meanwhile the joint bought up the place next to it and is knocking down the walls to expand while you and staff struggle to pay their rent.Every day you have off you wake up to text messages from at least 3 different people who have to work that day, trying to guilt you into coming in on your day off because their mom died or some shit.It literally slave labor. A law forcing restaurants to pay their employees at least minimum wage, and requiring them to give you a lunch break should be required. It isn in my state canada goose black friday sale.