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Canada Goose Coats On Sale I usually don have this much paperwork, but today was sort of quiet and I was on roll. Dad left early for Cooperstown. Years ago we did an energy audit for the Cooperstown Medical Center. The administrator, Gregg Stomp, remembered up and asked if we could help him out with a boiler replacement project. Dad was going to get photos and tour the boiler room. I reworked the League of Women Voters newsletter and posted it on their web site. I input the audit dad did of Midwest Bottling in Minneapolis last week. It a very large Coca Cola bottling plant. Michelle Kuss is our contact in Minneapolis, working for Harris Mechanical. Michelle had a small truck shop job which had already been sold, but she need an estimated savings and Xcel canada goose shop uk review Energy rebate figured. I did that and emailed it back to her. Suzanne wanted some advice, so she took me out to PD on First for the steak sandwich special. Yum, the steak was 2 inches thick. After lunch input the other job dad took off, Court West office building. This is a small job, but the audit had more detail. Michelle called again. She wanted the rebate calculated for Hooters, but she was unsure of the utility. I looked up the utility on the internet and downloaded the rebate forms. I called my uncle, Neal Letcher, he was changing the name of his painting company from Buffalo City Painting to Neal Letcher Painting. I told him I would design new business cards and estimate forms for him. The Paul Steffes called. He no longer works for Egan, but is working with Focus Lighting. I had to track down an order of fluorescent lamps I canada goose langford parka black friday had on order for him. Any one of the above items might take a day for most people to complete but I like to think I pretty fast.March 31, 2005While everyone was at church, I worked on my story. It takes place on various s, so it was appropriate to work on this little masterpiece. Suzanne, Paul, Tim and Sean came over for the ham dinner. This is my least favorite holiday for food. I don care for any of it. Mom set up an Egg hunt for Sean and Tim. They came upstairs to drive me crazy. Paul came up too. I turned on the NCAA basketball canada goose black friday offers tournament. I canada goose shop europe got the boys busy making on the internet. The Heromaker program has been updated and makes even cooler superheroes. Bob came over and the boys played with him. I made my own superhero Vengeance Align=Right>March 27, 2005CAP Encampment Story HourSuzanne called and asked if I could baby sit the boys for a few hours. I had a headache, but I can usually handle the boys and get them to be quiet. I worked on their computer, cataloging their photos and removing duplicates. The boys were playing behind me in the loft. Sean asked me to finish my Civil Air Patrol 1974 Camp story. I told him it would canada goose uk telephone number be long, so Sean decided to go to bed early. I told him all about my adventures mixing both Encampments together as I can remember which events happened at which of the two years I went. At the time I didn really care for CAP but it given me some interesting stories to tell. On April 3rd, I told Sean about the Bismarck Search and Rescue evaluation I did from CAP. I told him about the CAP super bus and flying back home afterwards.March 26, 2005Money On The WindI sold two more Mytech Occupancy Sensors, this pair were 277volt. Good thing I got those 277 volt power packs on Ebay on spec. I didn have wheels, so I invited Suzanne out for lunch. At the post office, I waited for her to get out and close her door. I opened mine, then she opened hers and the gale force wind took all my checks airborne. I thought I recovered them all until I got to the bank and found I was missing one. Luckily it was a 10 dollar check and not the 1500 dollar check from the Government. Almost a month later (4/23) Paul is in the back seat watching Sean soccer game; he hands Suzanne a check with my name on it. “So it didn blow away!”March 24, 2005While reading a blog my attention was distracted by three colored boxes on a banner ad at the top of the page. Usually I block out all online ads. cheap canada goose They wanted to know what the next box in the series would be. I thought I knew the answer so I clicked the answer. I was taken to a page with more questions. The further I got into the testing the more I wondered what I was taking. I knew it couldn go on forever, at some point they would make their pitch for my money. It turned out to be an online IQ test. There were 40 questions. I was interested in my score. I thought I did really well. I only guessed on one question. I probably could have figured that one out too, but I wasn spending much time coming up with answers. After filling in some information including my junk mail email address they told me my IQ was 135. I had my IQ measured a couple times and this is the number I usually see. So I think this online test is pretty accurate.March 22, 2005It seems like a minor thing, but the Alt and Ctrl keys are backwards on Windows computers. I sure you saying, “Craig, how cheap canada goose online do you know they not backwards on a Mac.” I say just try to use them. In order for a keyboard short canada goose outlet woodbury cut to work you have to be able to use it without taking your fingers off the keyboard.I had this problem fixed on Windows 98 with a remap program/control panel. This doesn work with Windows XP. I knew there had to be a solution. I checked on the internet and found you could reprogram the keys with some cryptic hacking of the Windows Registry. I was willing to do this but wanted to search some more. I finally found this program which did all the dirty work for you. It makes it very easy to reprogram your keyboard anyway you like.March 23, 2005Fargo Garden SocietyMom was telling me she needed some help with an upcoming Garden Society Meeting. She wanted to borrow my laptop computer. I thought it would be a few people looking at few photos off a CD Rom. “Okay,” I said questioningly. I overheard dad talk about Elim providing a projection screen. Now I knew there was more to this than mom was letting on. Turns out they need a laptop computer and a video projector. “Call Paul and Suzanne and borrow theirs.” The computer was no problem but the projector was in use for a party that night. Terry Kroke (the Garden Society President) managed to borrow one from MSUM where she works in the Library. Dad was in Minneapolis, doing a great job of getting us some more business. I left with mom for the Elim Activity Center, a nice meeting room in the new addition at Elim. I quickly set up the video projector and Suzanne iBook. I didn realize the iBook was 1024×768 native. I thought it was 800×600. I met Chuck Mullins from Beau Jardin Iris Gardens. He had a PowerPoint presentation on CD or USB drive. I got the show started but it kept crashing. I knew it wasn the USB. I not a fan of PowerPoint and have rarely used it. I adjusted some video settings and that seemed to help. Once he started the show it would crash after a couple slides, but at least the Mac told me what the problem was: memory. Every time it crashed I gave the program more memory. It did this a number of times. I went from 10 to 24 to 48 and finally 96mb before it ran smoothly. What a memory hog. The presentation was 65mb and only a couple dozen images. There was no reason to even have on PowerPoint. I felt comfortable even though the presentation didn go smoothly and the meeting room was packed. Chuck was rambling on, I was advancing the slides. His wife Karen quietly looked on. I thought the “Iris Around the World, Wow!” presentation was interesting. Mom thought he would go on all night if she let him and so interrupted him. She sent half the audience with the Elim administrator for a tour of the facility. The other half stayed for refreshments and to talk with Chuck. After the presentation I chatted with Chuck, his wife Karen, and their son. I also talked with Terry for a little bit. Then I packed up the equipment and left mom to catch a ride with friends.March 22, 2005When I got back from lunch dad told me my uncle Neal called. He needs to change his trade name as it seems someone else is using Buffalo City Painting. I thought that was odd. First of all Buffalo City seems like an old name, but mom tells me it pretty common in Jamestown. I checked the ND Secretary of State web site and sure enough there was Buffalo City Drywall canada goose black friday usa and Painting registered by two guys in Jamestown. The odd thing was it was registered on February 27, 2005. I called Neal and asked him about the drywall firm, but he didn tell me if they copied the name from him or he from they. Too late now. I told him he would have to register his trade name, “It only $25 for five years.” He decided on Neal Letcher Painting and I worked up ten different logos for his business card.March 22, 2005Mom BirthdayLink to last year party, Song LyricsWe planned a little surprise party for tonight. Nothing like the big party we had for her last year. Dad was taking her out. The place was closed on Mondays. I felt this would be a good cover story. Dad thought it was an interesting idea but didn use it. They went to The Cork Cleaver for a drink and then went to Suzanne I was there half an hour earlier. I wrestled with the boys and watched Tom Petty videos on Tim DVD player. Mom was surprised. The meal was an excellent Prime roast, two different potatoes, Beans, and pistachio marshmallow salad. I got the boys to sing a variation of the Birthday song Suzanne had rewritten for Grandma Anna 100th Birthday. Mom must have liked it because she had them sing it against. Sean serenaded her with his own birthday song the classic version with the monkey and zoo lyrics. Out came Tim pink cake and Sean Superman ice cream: bright yellow, red and blue swirls. Mom read the cards. Tim had drawn some flowers and another picture with flowers, a rainbow, and grandma. Sean had colored a VFW multi page “Pledge of Allegiance”. As Char read it she wasn paying attention. She backed it into the candle and started on fire. I thought it was funny and I struggled to get a photograph before she put it out. Sean did NOT think it was funny; he burst into tears and ran off to his room. This was actually the second fire of the evening. Earlier, Paul set off all the fire canada goose outlet london uk alarms in the house when he let the smoke build up too much in the kitchen. Sean and uk canada goose outlet Tim went running around the house screaming, “Fire, Fire.”I made my own card based on a photo from 1963 of mom, me and an Bunny cake. Dad gave mom want appeared to be a pearl necklace, earrings and a watch. Mom didn seem too excited as it turned out it was costume jewelry and something of a gag gift. “Do you want to trade that for what in this little bag,” he asked. I told he it was a trick, “Haven you ever watched Make A Deal They always get greedy and end up with a donkey.” Well, not this time. I stayed around to relax and hear the latest City Scapes gossip. Tim went to bed. Earlier Sean had been bragging about being able to stay up until 9:00 PM. Suzanne confirmed this as Sean was getting up too early in the morning. Sean was getting ready for bed, “Craig, you still here What are you doing here “I thought you might like a bed time story.” I told him. Suddenly, Sean wanted to go to bed right away. I had not thought of a story but it came to me that Sean is interested in the Army and I never told him my experiences in CAP. (Civil Air Patrol) I started the tale. Sean was very interested. He asked lots of questions and was bouncing with excitement during the exciting parts of my story. At 9:15 Paul said the story was over. I told Sean, “We continue this next time I babysit.” I can easily get three more tales out of my CAP experiences Canada Goose Coats On Sale.