Best Laptop Accessories for Writers

The old saying is true that says, have to spend money to make money.

Below, we reviewed the top, success boosting accessories for your most essential writing uk canada goose outlet tool: your laptop.

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That exactly the issue the Rain Design mStand laptop stand was built to address. It raises and tilts your laptop to put the screen at the appropriate angle and eye level to allow correct posture while cheap Canada Goose working. The aluminum construction is also designed to act as a Canada Goose sale heat sink to cool your laptop during long hours of use.

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The boldly named Unhackable EyeDisc USB Flash Drive by Indiegogo is a more than secure storage device that only you can unlock.

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Kuzy Keyboard Cover

As we already said, writing means long hours at your laptop. This often entails having drinks and snacks nearby.

This is especially true for those who prefer to do their writing surrounded by the soothing background ambiance of their local coffee shop. Without a waterproof keyboard cover,your work is one spilled latte away from a days long setback.

Besides, even aside from spills, the daily use of an uncovered keyboard allows dust and other derbrisin through the cracks in the keys. Through normal, daily use, these particles build up and eventually impair or Canada Goose online damage keyboard function.

A Canada Goose Jackets keyboard cover is just good sense for anyone who uses a laptop for business. And for MacBook users, there none better than the KuzyMacBook Air Keyboard Cover.

The Kuzy cover custom fits and completely encapsulates yourMacBook keyboard. The flexible silicone material it made of provides complete protection from spills, dust, and crumbs without impairing keyboard function.

canada goose jacket uk sale And it easy to place, or remove, in a hurry. That means the second a spill occurs, you simply lift off the cover, and the spill with it. Then, just rinse and dry the cover and put it back on. canada goose jacket uk sale

And what the price for such unbeatable protection? That the best part! You can get yours for under $10. Or you prefer to hear your playlist, and only your playlist, while writing.

For you, there the Sennheiser MB 660 Wireless ANC Headset. canada goose outlet In addition to the top of the line audio quality you expect buy canada goose jacket cheap from Sennheiser, the MB 660 includes 3 adjustable levels of noise cancellation.

Few accessoriesthat exist today will minimize outside distractions during work hours as well as the MB 660.

canada goose outlet reviews One drawback is it can be tough to track Canada Goose Coats On Sale down and expensive once you do. Since writing several documents a day can fill hard disc space pretty fast, it best to get an external hard Canada Goose Outlet drive. canada goose outlet reviews

Among the best we found is the Seagate Backup Plus Slim. The drive is available with 1, 2, 4, or 5 TB of space with fast USB 3.0 connection.

It compatible with PCs and Macs interchangeably, without having to reformat. It even works with thePlaystation 4.