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I have a feeling it will centre on Caligula simply so they can include canada goose accessories uk a reference to Leonius from the sanctuary. However if they were to do after 80 AD then I think there’s an obvious choice of emperor, Commodus. He was assassinated, a megalomaniac who renamed the months and even Rome itself after him and was obsessed with playing gladiator. Sounds like the perfect AC villain to me plus by setting it around canada goose kensington parka uk 180 AD we could see a much more established brotherhood.

I have a feeling (read: hope) that Juno isn’t really dead, she said the shroud was within her so it’s entirely possible it could heal her. Uprising had to have an ending but the truth is most buy canada goose jacket cheap people don’t read the comics, so I’m hoping they left the ending open so that fans who read the comics feel satisfied but now they can do what they want with the characters, even re introduce them to the games.

Canada Goose Outlet The dream scenario would be to have William in this game mention that a group of assassins are canada goose cheap uk attempting to end Juno but then to find out it didn’t work, therefore no retcon. This would then lead to a scenario of canada goose outlet niagara falls Layla needing the spear as her hidden blade because only a PoE would be powerful enough to actually kill Juno in the next game. That way all audiences are satisfied. Those who read uprising have their ending and those who canada goose outlet store only play the games finally have a ending as well. Will never happen though. Canada Goose Outlet

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Canada Goose Online The shroud should have easily healed her, Starrick had to be physically separated from the shroud in order for canada goose outlet him to be injured, so it stands to reason Juno should have healed. I think they wrote themselves into a corner introducing Charlotte and the instruments and needed to give them all a fitting ending while also wiping the board clean so that they can bring Juno back where she should be; in the games. Canada Goose Online

canada goose black friday sale I know the spear has gotten a lot of flack but I’m hoping Ubisoft wouldn’t introduce it unless it had a greater significance. They could have easily just given Odyssey a hidden blade, it would have been easier and safer so why didn’t they. I’m hoping because it’s part of a larger story. Layla is said to be searching for PoEs in the new game, why? I think If they brought Juno back and killed her in the final part of the ancient trilogy it would restore a lot of faith in the company, please a lot of long term fans but also remove the problem of the overarching story by resetting the board. canada goose black friday sale

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canada goose uk outlet We don’t actually know that for sure, PoE usually require high first civ dna to activate and seeing as Bayek couldn’t activate the apple it stands to reason he wouldn’t be able to activate the spear canada goose costco uk if it was in his blade. The absolute dream ending to this scenario would be Layla needing Bayeks hidden blade to assassinate a certain reborn Isu, being that because it contains a PoE it’s the only hidden blade capable of such a feat. Of course that will never happen in a million years but. canada goose uk outlet

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buy canada goose jacket cheap The animus is only a simulation though not a direct window into the canada goose uk official past, therefore it has to fill in the gaps as best it can. As long as all roads lead to the same outcome regardless of player choice then the established lore remains intact. I personally don’t think there will be different endings but admittedly I have nothing to base that on. Small choices that give the player the illusion of control but don’t affect the key story elements to me doesn’t sound like a bad thing, if anything it will simply increase the replay value. buy canada goose jacket cheap

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canada goose coats Not if after choosing to spare the father he dies later in the story anyway, that way the animus could have been unsure of when he died but knew he did therefore there is some flexibility with the when and how. We have no confirmation yet if there will be multiple endings, personally I don’t think the choices will run that deep. Player choice has been in the series since it’s inception, one player can choose to kill no one during a mission while another will choose to slaughter everything, technically there should only be one version of events but obviously that would affect gameplay. If the choices have no real consequences then there’s no harm. We simply don’t have enough information to judge it canada goose black friday sale yet, only leaks and rumours canada goose coats.