These types of statistics and taken in context with the state of GameStop seem to indicate a mostly digital future. I don and won believe that physical games will ever be completely eliminated, but I think most consumers, like other sectors prefer digital purchasing than walking into a brick and mortar store. I think video games will be like other retail sectors where in person buying is more high end and niche products.

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A trio working to benefit Russia and destroy the US. 100%.You’d have a point if Snowden simply leaked US spying tools used on US citizens. But the vast majority (like 90%) was our international spying/tracking efforts. My estimated 1rep max based on my training max is 503kg, I was pretty stoked with 2 months to go to the Competition. I am going on vacation tomorrow and thought lets try out real 1 rep max before I take 1 week off. I pulled 480(total)! Yet I can do around 440 for 3x (total)..

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